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Masinagudi 4 hr 49 min (237.3 km) via Mysore Rd, Bengaluru
Madumalai Estate
Mudumalai, 250 kms from Bengaluru

Picture perfect spread of well-designed cottages, excellent ambience and hospitality thought amidst of coffee plantation, makes it an excellent getaway for everyone who loves nature.

4.25 type - Homestay
 5139 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 2,571 
Open for booking

Masinagudi Holiday Homes
Masinagudi, 246 kms from Bengaluru

The property is surrounded by exotic flora and fauna in a magnificent ecosystem, witness the simple pleasures of watching birds, gaurs, deers and other wild animals near property premises.

4.73 type - Homestay
 445 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 2,443 
Open for booking

Misty Trails
Mudumalai, 240 kms from Bengaluru

A stay with serene and sylvan surroundings, close to nature and far from the crowds. Ideal for families, especially with children & others who enjoy nature and hiking will love this place.

5.00 type - Homestay
 34 guest visits
Inc -Stay + Breakfast
 Charges / room
Flat 30% OFF 2,507 
Booking on hold.

Masinagudi Nest
Masinagudi, 240 kms from Bengaluru

A perfect locale for the nature lovers, nestled on the foothills of Nilgiri mountains and surrounded by an enchanting range of forest.

5.00 type - Homestay
 126 guest visits.
Inc -Stay Only
 Charges / room
Flat 30% OFF 4,500 
Booking on hold.

Masinagudi Estate
Masinagudi, 238 kms from Bengaluru

A coconut grove property near the Masinagudi village with serene atmosphere and a relaxing place for the weekends.

4.33 type - Homestay
 2087 guest visits.
Inc -Stay + Breakfast
 Charges / room
Flat 30% OFF 4,050 
Booking on hold.