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Chikmagalur 3 hr 50 min (243.2 km) via NH75, Bengaluru
Chickmagalur Estate
Muthodi, 290 kms from Bengaluru

An Adventurous, Energetic, Fascinating and Dynamic getaway amid lush green Coffee Plantation with Peaks and Miles of a lush green valley.

4.33 type - Homestay
 835 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 3,729 
Open for booking

JLR - River Tern Lodge
Chikmagalur, 260 kms from Bengaluru

River Tern Lodge gets its name from the nearby island that attracts hundreds of River Terns during the breeding season, located on a hillock on the edge of the Bhadra reservoir.

4.69 type - Jungle Lodges
 259 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 9,347 
Open for booking

Kaimara Homestay
Chikmagalur, 250 kms from Bengaluru

Kaimara homestay is a courtyard home perched on top of a mountain overlooking the Mullayanagiri hills. A peaceful and refreshing stay served with delicious malnad home cooked food.

5.00 type - Homestay
 236 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 5,014 
Open for booking

Chikmagalur Retreat
Chickmagalur, 260 Kms from Bengaluru

A serene and peaceful homestay close to Muthodi forest amidst the coffee plantation in the estates of Chikmagalur.

4.88 type - Homestay
 258 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 2,314 
Open for booking

Coffee Hill Resort
Chikmagalur, 320 kms from Bengaluru

The property is surrounded by lush green coffee plantation which gives a panoramic view. Situated on top of the hills also which gives the touch of British architecture to the bungalow.

4.57 type - Resort
 268 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 3,857 
Open for booking

Honahalla Estate
Muthodi, 280 kms from Bengaluru

Stay amidst of nature surrounded by lush green plantations close to the jungle. The cottages have a scenic view of a coffee estate and one could hear the chirping of the birds all day.

4.18 type - Homestay
 630 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 3,214 
Open for booking

Byravalli Estate
Chikmagalur, 280 kms from Bengaluru

Byaravalli Estate is a unique homestay, its a place refined by nature and true to its meaning. Natural warmth and sense of hospitality make the whole stay an exceptional experience.

4.89 type - Homestay
 388 guest visits.
Inc -Lunch|Dinner|Breakfast
 Charges / person
Flat 30% OFF 2,571 
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