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The Kabani Forest Reserve is one of the most popular wildlife destinations of Karnataka, probably because of its accessibility, lush green landscape surrounding a large lake, and sightings of herds of elephants, tigers. It is 80kms away from Mysuru and 205Kms from Bengaluru.

Once a private hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Mysore, Kabani was a popular shikar hotspot for British Viceroys and Indian royalty. Now it is considered to be one of the best Wildlife National Parks in India, famous for its spectacular wildlife and bird life.There are around 120 tigers, 100 + leopards, Four types of deer, Sloth bear, Indian Gaurs and elephants in the Nagarahole National Park.

Best time to visit Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary The best time to visit Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is between October and May.

The unforgotten sighting! It was a dream to capture this amazing animal during the monsoon . . .

JLR - Kabini
Jungle Lodges
Kabini, 225 kms from Bengaluru

Kabini River Lodge beckons with the promise of elephants, gaur, deer and a rumor of tiger. Located on the southern fringes of the Nagarahole National Park with some great sightings.

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Coconut Grove
Kabini, 208 kms from Bengaluru

Coconut Grove is the one-stop destination to spend quality time with friends and family, where the property is situated in the middle of coconut plantation with a pleasant ambiance.

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Kabini Jungle Resort
Kabini, 210 kms from Bengaluru

Affordable luxury coloured by the local landscape, Kabini resort in Kabini offers the jungle getaway of lifetime and poised to bring you untamed luxury at its very best.

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